Has an accident about 4 months ago in Peoria. The deputy investigating did a really poor job.

I'm a retired law enforcement officer from another state. The deputy gave me a card with his name and badge no. and an accident rpt I asked him about a copy of his rpt. He said, just call this no, they will give it to you.

I'm thinkin wow, how efficient!! He never once even looked at the damage to my car. So. 4 weeks later I called, turns out he did not write a report.

The no. he gave me is not a rpt no, instead its an"Event Log Number". 8 weeks later my insurance had still not rx'd the rpt. When they did receive it after 9 weeks, there was no rpt.

Instead just a. One-liner in the officers log about the accident. I wondered why the officer just hurried me along, went into the QT and ordered his hot dog and drink after my accident. Not only was the accident service ***-poor, its the worst I've ever seen in law enforcement.

The deputy was truly incompetent. After all was said and done. it took me 12 wks to get my car fixed because I had to prove the accident was not my fault. When the deputy said it was not.

Yet, put nothing to that event in his, one-liner. Please..try not to have any kind of contact with this dept. If this is a sample of service? Ohhhh Boyyeeeee!!!!!!

When I was an officer, we wrote detailed reports..even on the fender benders. And this officer was far from busy.

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